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Topic: Egg Timer Testing in Perth

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Re: Egg Timer Testing in Perth

Hi am chasing where i can get egg timer test done in perth

Re: Egg Timer Testing in Perth

Hi Adrienne,

It is Clinpath who actually does the blood tests - they send it to Brisbane for further analysis. GPs can request the test as can gynaecologists.

Two Scientific Directors who seemed to know about the test and why it was useful for assessing ovarian reserve are:

1. Dr. Peter Burton (Concept Fertility) - 9382 2388
2. Dr. James Stanger (PIVET)  - 9422 5400

Re: Egg Timer Testing in Perth

Hollywood Fertility Centre have advised that they do the egg timer test - it measures the Anti Mullerian Hormone. Hollywood Fertility Centre Can be contacted on 9389 4200

Re: Egg Timer Testing in Perth

Do you need a referral from your GP to have this test done? Or can you just pay for it?

Re: Egg Timer Testing in Perth

Hi lolly

My understanding is that the GP or gynaecologist would request the test and once it is analysed it would be sent back to the referring doctor who would explain the results to you - i.e. whether you needed to be concerned about your fertility/needed to take action. If your GP had questions about the egg timer test I imagine they could contact the fertility clinics and ask direct - I found the abovementioned clinics (Concept, Hollywood Fertility & Pivet) very open and helpful in answering my general questions about this test.


Re: Egg Timer Testing in Perth

Fertility North is offering patients the Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test also known as the “Egg Timer Test”. The AMH test is used in conjunction with a specialised Ultrasound to give a more accurate picture of a woman’s future fertility. Medicare rebates do apply for certain aspects of this testing.

Patients can contact Fertility North direct or via referral from their GP. For more information contact Fertility North on 9301 1075