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As was mentioned in another post, it's very important to have legal documents and screening (of STD's etc) as well as counselling when using donor sperm.

While I have just been put on the wait list for donor sperm through Concept, I feel anxious that my child will not have the chance to have their questions answered (about his/her biological father) as they ask them. Yes, they are ID release, but it is going to be a long 16 years. As an adoptee who has never met her biological father, I can't help but wonder if there might be some way to have known donors accessable through clinics.

Other than though an internet site, how should I go about seeking a known donor? I don't seek a co-parent, just someone who can be contacted, perhaps annually (eg on birthdays).

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Re: Known Donors

Hi PerthS,

Most women I have counselled have sourced their known donor by openly talking to their friends and family about their situation and preferences. It seems to be the best way. Alternatively other women source their donor via the internet or write stories in their local newspaper - If you are a single woman, I do emphasize it is very important to be cautious with the latter methods, and I don't promote it in counselling, as you may encounter concerning responses /behaviours. Most importantly if you have found a known donor ensure you go through the fertility clinic process so that things are transparent in regards to the psychosocial issues and legislation relating to the respective rights and responsibilities of donors and recipients.