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Topic: Getting Counselling

Things are getting on top of me with my IVF treatment (2 failed cycles) how should I go about seeing a counsellor?

Re: Getting Counselling

You should ask the co-ordinators at your clinic and they should be able to point you in the right direction. There should be counsellors who are associated with the clinic and deal with this topic all the time. See my previous post about cost of counselling. I completely understand where you are coming from...

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Re: Getting Counselling

There have been questions raised about the approved counsellors. Basically all licenced clinics are required by the HRT Act to have a recognised "Approved Counsellor" who provides expert services to the clinic as these counsellors represent those with experienced specialised training in infertility. With approved counsellors you will not have to explain what IVF/ICSI etc as the counsellor will be versed in the basic medical technology you are undergoing. They cannot give you any medical advice.

There are 3 primary types of counselling offered by approved counsellors

1. Implications counselling - to assist you with understanding the general emotional processes of IVF treatment or donor treatment
2. Support counselling - to help you at a time of stress/crisis
3. Therapeutic counselling - for ongoing therapy

If your approved counsellor has at least 3 or more clincial years experience (not as a social worker or clinical psychologist) but as an approved counsellor  then you are with an experienced counsellor.