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The clinics listed below have supplied their costs. They represent a reasonable cost benchmark when making an enquiry with other clinics. If you are a clinic and wish to make your costs available please contact us on (08) 9389 7212.

A more detailed view of clinic costs is located here

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My husband and I are currently seeing Pivet and have completed a full assessment cycle with them. It is their recommendation that we commence IVF and after a trip overseas later this month it is our plan to commence treatment in Sept/Oct if pregnancy doesn't occur prior to then.

Our experience with them has been mixed and we have already changed Dr's once. Our new Dr is better however, very hard to understand due to his English and he often contradicts himself when we ask direct questions which can be confusing.

Friends of our have just fallen pregnant with Pivet, which give us great hope however they were unimpressed that their initial quote didn't include hospital day fees, anaesthetist fees and additional medication of approx an extra $1500. These additional bills came in the mail a few weeks later in excess of $7400 quoted initially.

I have a few questions after being referred to your website and reading about the other clinic's fees. Firstly how easy would it be to change clinics? Can we move all of our records and results from our assessment cycle to a new clinic with easy? Do you think a new clinic would want to carry out further tests in order to plan and manage IVF treatment?

I realise that you get what you pay for and a cheaper clinic isn't necessarily the best option however Concept and Hollywoods fees both appear to be a lot lower (especially when I factor in Pivets extra fees). I have heard however that Pivet tailor IVF programs to individuals and I'm unsure if Concept and Hollywood offer the same service.

Any advice you can offer me would be appreciated as I'm sure you can understand this process is extremely stressful and emotionally draining not to mention expensive.

I await your reply, thank you for your time and your website is great - I wish I had stumbled across it prior to choosing a clinic initially.

Many thanks

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Hi Bec,

Re: Change of clinic - you will not be the first nor last patient to change clinics! To have notes exchanged from one clinic to another put your request in writing to PIVET. Your new nurse co-ordinator can also help with this as can their admin staff.
Re: New Tests - PIVET are usually thorough in their initial assesments so your new fertility specialist may just go with the results of PIVET. Alternatively they may have some new treatment ideas that they wish to discuss with you and this might require new tests. Ultimately whilst it will be in the hands of the Fertility Specialist they are unlikely to put you through unnecessary tests.
Re: Tailored programmes - All clinics will indicate that they tailor their programmes by monitoring treatment responses. One difference perhaps at Concept is that your Fertility Specialist not only draws up your treatment regime but will also be the same person who does egg collection and transfer.  Concept also does not require payment in advance/ up front costs.
Hollywood also offers good treatment regimes and have dedicated embryology and nursing staff.

Finally - if there are significant financial difficulties influencing you from accessing treatment there always remains the option, albeit slow option of the Public Fertility Clinic at KEMH. See the post on Public vs Private for details on eligibility.

Thanks for the feedback on the site

Best of Luck

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Hi Bec,
My husband and I changed clinics due to moving further North and had no problems at all, Our old clinic forwarded on our details and the new Dr reviewed them and made a plan based on those notes, mostlly we had the same plan however she did change one drug and we fell pg first go.

IVF is stressfull enough if you are not 100% happy where you are you sould feel free to try other options.

Cheers Carls

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just wondering if the pricing structure has changed for these clinics since the new Medicare Safety Net Rebate guidelines have changed? Is it possible to get current (2011) prices on here? And if possible to include Fertility Specialists South's prices as well? They don't advertise their costs on their website, but (as I am a patient of theirs) I can give a breakdown of their costs, and would like to compare them to other clinics.

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Thanks for the questions.

A number of clinics  were happy to provide their fee's and these are listed in detail at

These were current as of late last year and as far as we are aware they will be the same for 2011 but certainly we can follow up on updating them as required. The Medicare changes should have been factored in for those clinics. 

Re the clinic you mention they they do list this information openly on their own web site. I don't know why some clinics are happy to publish their fee's and others are not - thats a policy matter for the clinic. Certainly we are very keen to list any clinic willing to supply their official fees.

From my point of view (as one of the administrators of this site) the more information available to the consumer the better. For many couples I imagine this alone could mean the difference between having treatment or not and so this is an important disclosure.

Re: About Clinic Costs.

I have spoken to Iolanda and she informs me the fees listed for Concept Fertility Clinic and Fertility North are current for 2011.

Hollywood Fertility Centre prices changed on the 01/03/11 and we are currently undertaking to access these so that our details are up to date.

Re: Fertility Specialist South – this clinic has not given authorisation to list details therefore we cannot list without discussion and written permission of Dr. Chris Nicholls.

Iolanda however does positively support this clinic to patients who request general information therefore if you are able to email the details or provide them by mail she will be able to provide them to patients as a point of comparison for patients who specially request them in her scheduled appointments.

Thanks for the feedback.