Topic: PICSI or IMSI methode for ICSI (Perth) HELP !

Hi, i am new here. My husband and i wish to have a second child. We have to undergo ICSi- as we did for our first child. I had 3 negative tries in Germany - then we did the IMSI methode to find the best sperm which can be used for ICSi.
Does anybody knows in which clinic in PERTH the IMSI OR PICSI methode in regard to the spermanalysis will be offered ?
And does anybody can recommend a good fertility clinic in Perth where the doctors are working with "older " women and have success ? Any recommendation in regards to the FS ? I am nearly 39....and i have no time to lose I really need your help ! Thanks

Re: PICSI or IMSI methode for ICSI (Perth) HELP !

Hi indy

I have spoken to several laboratory managers this morning. These 2 clinics can help you with your request.

1. Hollywood Fertility Centre does do PICSI - 9389 4200
2. PIVET does not do the technique routinely but can on specific request - 9422 5400.

Both of these clinics have very experienced Fertility Specialists including:
1.Dr Simon Turner who is the Medical  Director of Hollywood Fertiltiy Centre
2. Dr. John Yovich who is the Medical Director of PIVET

Good luck.


Re: PICSI or IMSI methode for ICSI (Perth) HELP !

Hi Iolanda, do you know , or any advice from your point of view- which laboratory / biologist at which clinic in Perth is very good in regards to find the best sperm to inject the eggs ?
And do you know  , which size should the eggs have before the punkture ? In Germany - when the eggs are at around 19-21 mm, then will be the punktur....
Which clinic has more experience and success with older women ? Thanks again !

Re: PICSI or IMSI methode for ICSI (Perth) HELP !

Can someone please tell me what PICSI and IMSI are? 

Many thanks

Re: PICSI or IMSI methode for ICSI (Perth) HELP !


For anyone interested - Itziar (Laboratory Manager) from Hollwood Fertility Centre is happy to speak to you on any laboratory based technique and can advise on the specifics of the PICSI and IMSI techniques as can James Stanger/Jason (Lab) from PIVET.

In short the techniques can assist with sorting and selecting best sperm. The techniques are more expensive than traditional ICSI due to extra training and kits used.

I have been told that PICSI is a sperm collection device.  Itzar from Hollywood informed me that with the PICSI Sperm Selection Device collected sperm is placed in  a PICSI dish containing samples of hyaluronan hydrogel. Then mature sperm sticks to the hyaluronan where they can be isolated by the embryologist and used for ICSI. The device actually mimics a key step in the natural fertilization process, the binding of mature sperm to the retrieved egg. 

IMSI stands for intracytoplasmic-morphologically-selected sperm-injection. Where IMSI differs from ICSI, however, is that during IMSI, the embryologist carrying out the procedure uses an extremely high-powered microscope to select the sperm cells with the best morphological quality to be injected into the eggs.

Overall speak to the laboratory managers from your clinic for the pros/cons of the above technique as they are the experts of ICSI/PICSI/IMSI.

Re: Best rates for older women - any clinic in Perth will see a 39 year old - the clinics do not routinely publicize/update their success rates for the older age group and when they do I think they are difficult to decipher as there are many factors that determines success.


Re: PICSI or IMSI methode for ICSI (Perth) HELP !

Thanks for the clarifaction Iolanda.