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Hi all! Can somebody let me know in which fertility clinic in PERTH is it NOT a problem to get 2 eggs OR 2 Blasozysts back on the transfer day ?
I am 39 and i want to have back 2 eggs Or 2 blastozystes .....Any advice which clinic are doing this ?Thank you so much !

Re: Blastozysts

Hi indy,

I am older than you and Pivet have always happily transferred 2 embryos for us that were day 3, but I don't know what their policy is re blastocyst.   You could call them on 9422 5400 and ask to speak to an embryologist for a quick answer.

Re: Blastozysts

Hi indy

In all the WA  clinics that I have consulted at the tendency was for the transfer of one blastocyst - ie. best practice. Ultimately the number of embryos that are transferred are decided in consultation with your fertility specialist and embryologist and may be influenced  by factors such as quality of embryo, patient age, history of IVF attempts.


Re: Blastozysts

I am a pivet patient and they have said they would trf 2 day 3 embryos but only one blastocyst. Good luck with your treatments.