Topic: CGH - Genetic Screening for Recurrent Miscarriage/Implantation Failure

Perth IVF has been advised of a comprehensive genetic screening technique callled CGH. The information provided is as follows:

Hollywood Fertility Centre offers an improved method of embryo selection and genetic screening for patients suffering recurrent miscarriage and repeated implantation failure

Patients who have experienced repeated miscarriages, previous abnormal pregnancies or repeated implantation failure are often offered to have PGS in IVF clinics. This service is also offered to patients of advanced age as they have a higher risk of creating embryos with aneuploidies – an abnormal number of chromosomes that can lead to Down Syndrome and other conditions.

Traditionally, PGS has been performed using a technique called FISH, which allows accounting for only a few chromosomes, comparing to the 23 chromosomes that are present in a human embryo. FISH has several technical issues which make it a useful yet limited tool for screening.

During the last few years a more powerful technique using molecular tools has been applied for embryo genetic screening: array Comparative Genome Hybridisation or aCGH. CGH allows accounting for all 23 pairs of chromosomes, with a higher accuracy and less technical limitations.

During the last 2 years Sydney IVF has been offering this service to patients in need of Genetic Screening. Hollywood Fertility Centre was granted permission by the WA Reproductive Technology Council last year to perform this kind of testing and our Doctors recommend this service to suitable patients in need of genetic screening.  The results show an important increase on pregnancy and implantation rates, for patients of all age groups but especially for those 38 years and over.

Hollywood Fertility Centre is the only centre in WA that routinely uses blastocyst biopsy (day 5 embryos to take a sample to do the test) to ensure that sufficient amount of genetic information is available for this kind of screening and in order to get the most reliable results. Only the most viable embryos that are more likely to produce a pregnancy are tested and transferred or stored.

For any information about CGH please contact Hollywood Fertility Centre directly on (08) 9389 4200