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I have undergone 3 unsuccessful cycles of IVF and feel the need for counselling after three years of TTC. Can you please confirm if Medicare rebate any of the cost of counselling? Thx

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Re: Counselling Cost

Hello CatherineF

Given that you have undergone IVF stimulated cycles I would first suggest that you enquire with your clinic what are your counselling entitlements as you may be able to access these.

Alternatively patients can access counselling/therapy  under a medicare funded programme called GP Mental Health Plan (item 2710). This medicare funded plan allows, following assessment by a GP, referral to an approved registered therapist for issues such as anxiety, depression and adjustment disorders. Not all emotional issues are covered by this plan.

To access a GP Mental Health Plan you must book a long consult with your doctor who has the final say on eligibility. If your doctor agrees to the referral you may be eligible for anywhere between 6 to 12 therapy sessions in a calendar year which are rebated by medicare.