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I am new to this forum and I am a patient at Pivet. I am wondering if anyone has any information on boosting progesterone levels.
I am currently doing my 4th IVF transfer, and the drs found with the last 2 treatments that my progesterone levels drop after my transfer (blastocyst day 5). They have changed my medication this time to low dose FET cycle with pregnyl injections and progesterone pessaries.
I have tried to do some research on the internet and found some useful diet tips to increase progesterone but would welcome any other suggestions.
The reason I am doing IVF is because tests show that I don't ovulate - there appears to be no other medical issues. Would love to hear from anyone who has overcome that issue as well.

Re: low progesterone levels

Hi km77

I had the same problem.  I did two things - kinesiology and chinese herbs (combined with acupuncture).  Considering I was doing both at the same time, I cannot say which helped, but I was amazed at how my P4 levels jumped back up so dramatically during the next few natural cycles and have been good ever since.

Another thing you could do, is talk to your Pivet doctor about P4 injections.  Pivet doctors are aware of them (talk to Dr Saba or Dr Yovich) and Compounding on Oxford (Leederville) make them.   Pivet doctors were initially not very interested in prescribing them for me, but it's no longer an issue.  It's just nice to know you've got some backup if and when you need it.

Good luck and best wishes

Re: low progesterone levels

HI parent2b

I have been seeing a chinese naturopath and acupuncturist since December. Dr Saba recommended see an acupuncturist to aid my IVF treatment. I have not taken many of the chinese herbs as yet, as we have undertaken 2 IVF cycles during that time. I am waiting for my final blood test and hoping for a positive outcome but if it is negative then we will be concentrating on the chinese herbs and acupuncture as that would be 4 failed IVF cycles. I will do some research on kinesiology as I don't really know what that does.

How did you monitor your P4 levels during your natural cycles? And did you have P4 injections as part of an IVF treatment or just in general to help raise your levels. Also, do you know if you ovulate? Sorry for all of the questions, just trying to absorb as much information as I can. I will try anything these days as we have been ttc for over 3 years now.

Re: low progesterone levels

Hi km77,

Wishing you all the success in the world with your current cycle and let's hope you will not need to do anything further!

When not doing IVF, I am supported by the wonderful people at "Fertility Care" (Yokine).  They have taught me an incredible amount about my body and my cycle.  We track ovulation with signs of fertile mucus, blood tests and scans.  They do their best to balance your hormones.  We also do a blood test 7 days after ovulation, so that's how I know what my P4 levels are, even when not supplementing with P4. 

I used the P4 injections initially, during a natural cycle (through Fertility Care) because my natural level had become so low and p4 pessaries were not doing the job successfully any more.  The same thing happened during the last 2 ICSI cycles.... so they pump up the amount of P4 by number of pessaries per day, and my levels would be good for a day or 2 and then they would dive again.  That's when I asked about support with P4 injections but they were reluctant but since then they've done the research.  It's not something they offer everyone or on an ongoing basis, but if your situation proves to be an issue, I think there is a good possibility Dr Saba would consider the injections if you discuss it with him.  I believe Hollywood prescribe them where necessary.

I don't like them mind you (they are intra muscular, in the backside!) and can ache for a day or so.

I haven't used them in an ICSI cycle yet, but may do in the next one due to previous P4 levels.  However, I'm hoping my levels will be good now, given they have improved in the natural cycles.

Yes, I do ovulate, although sometimes I have an 'ovulatory event' in the sense my hormone levels do all the right things, suggesting ovulation took place, but another scan after ovulation shows the follicle did not release the egg!  I have learnt all this through Fertility Care.

An experienced kinesiologist will be able to work to determine which hormones are out of balance and then improve them.

I would be happy to chat with you more, so please email me at

Best wishes for your final blood test x