Re: Immunology Testing Discussion

Hi Angel,

So lovely to hear from you!  And well done on being patient and following the process through in getting an opinion from both doctors.  I was way too impatient!
Now it is just making the decision on who to go on this journey with.  They are both amazing doctors with so many success stories to their names. I don't think you can go wrong with either, it is just how your body will tolerate the vastly different protocols.

When I relaxed my protocol to try and put on weight, I allowed sweet potato, and quinoa.  I also ate at least a banana a day (my poor wallet) and also at least a half avocado a day.  Grapes, and other things with higher calorie content was suggested by my doctor.  I also try to eat 5 meals a day, with protein at every meal.

Anyway, please check your personal email address as I have sent you a quick email there:).

Speak soon and hugs,

Heather xx

Re: Immunology Testing Discussion

Hi Angel,

Thanks so much for posting all that detail.  It's really interesting to see how the results for Nk cells differ between labs.

I can only relate to Dr M's lab results of course because I haven't done any testing with Dr S.

My CD56 are higher than yours (which is why he told me I'm in the upper end) and my CD57 are the same as yours.  You're lucky however that you got away with intralipid treatment instead of IVIg (which I got, due to my age and lack of time).  Dr M explained to me that there hasn't been enough testing done yet to really prove the use of intralipid but that's not the case with IVIg so I guess he wasn't going to take any chances with me.

Oh also, Dr M would no doubt have had you fill in his questionnaire.  He would have noted from your answers, whether you had enough of the 'markers' which would suggest more intenstive testing should be done.  I guess that's why I sent blood to the US and you didn't!

My protocol is essentially the same as yours except for the IVIg instead of intralipid and I was also asked to do the IVIg between days 5 to 7 of my IVF cycle (not a month before).

I'm on 0.5mg Dexa twice daily (taking it up to 3 times daily from ET).

All the rest is the same.

For me, I'm glad I went with Dr M and the infusion, because I've been on Prednisolone and Clexane for the last 4 years without success.  Having said that, I conceived the very first time I used Prednisolone and Cardiprin.  I figure though (from what I read in Dr Beer's book) that the NK cells must have kicked into gear thereafter which is why the combination of Pred and Clexane have not been enough for me ever since.  Hopefully the combination of IVIg, Clexane, Dexa and Cardiprin will be the key!

I'm having egg collection on Friday and therefore (hopefully) ET this weekend or Monday.

Well done Angel, for getting all your testing done.  It's nice to know what the real picure is, isn't it!  All the best for your future plans.  Keep us posted. xx

Re: Immunology Testing Discussion

Hello Heather and Parent 2b,

Sorry it has been a while since I have last posted. Heather, thanks for providing info on your diet as mentioned before I too am trying to stick to a fairly strict diet - gluten and dairy free and as little as possible of processed foods but honestly some days I feel like I am starving. Veggies just don't fill me up! I hope everything is going well for you. and wishing you all the best as always.

As for you 2b, by now I am sure you have had your egg collection and ET, I am thinking of you and wishing you all of the best. I hope both the egg collection and transfer went as well as it could. I pray for you that the IVIG is all that you needed. All the best with the 2 week wait too.

As for me, of course that I now have my protocol and I am ready to begin. The doctor I have chosen to do my IVF with is about to go on holidays. I have chosen him because he has a very good reputation and I suppose another month waiting won't kill me, although I am getting impatient. And while I am whinging I have been patiently waiting to get my date for my intralipids so I can book my flight to Sydney however it seems to be taking a very long time to get a confirmed date. I swear Gwyneth at Dr M's must think I am becoming a stocker of some sort. So as for me I am estimating going to Sydney to get the intralipids July 10th ish, egg collection July 27th ish and then transfer August 1st ish, of course give or take a day or too. For me that feels like a long time away but I am sure the time will pass quickly once the ball gets rolling.

Take care girls and I will be in touch again soon. Keep me posted please on how you both are doing,
All the best,
Angel ox