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Topic: Attitudes to Donation Research

Hi Everyone ,

I am an Infertility Counsellor who works at Concept Fertility Centre and am involved in a series of projects with The University of W.A. investigating the attitude of  recipients, donors and donor conceived offspring to release of different types of information. We hope from gauging the views of all relevant parties to the donor conception process that our research might have the potential to guide Legislation and Infertility Practice about what information is important for release when donor conceived persons request release of identifying information.

Our study consists of participants filling in an anonymous online questionnaire that takes 15 minutes to complete.

Any Australian recipient, donor (egg/embryo/sperm) or donor conceived offspring (12+ years old) is welcome to participate. The questionnaire with its associated information sheet can be accessed at the following link:


Our study has K.E.M.H. Ethics Committee Approval.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me via my website contact page.

Kind Regards

Iolanda Rodino